Wednesday, December 30, 2020

End-of-2020 Updates - Learn WinUI 3 and TechBash 2021

Hello Windows developers! We've nearly reached the end of 2020, and I wanted to provide a couple of updates.

First, an update on the TechBash developer conference that I help to organize. We had to cancel our 2020 event due to the pandemic. TechBash 2021 is currently planned for October 19-22, 2021 at the Kalahari Resort in the Poconos. We will be working closely with the venue to ensure that we can host a safe in-person event next fall. We are hoping that the vaccine roll-out throughout 2021 will make this possible. Watch for the call for speakers in February. Sign up for the TechBash newsletter or follow us on Twitter to stay informed.

In other news, the book I'm writing for Packt Publishing, Learn WinUI 3, has been pushed back to an early 2021 publication date. We've decide to delay it to publish closer to the delayed WinUI 3.0 launch from Microsoft. For more information about the book and its release, check out my recent newsletter. You can sign up to receive updates on the book, including when pre-orders are available.

Finally, I've refreshed the look of my primary blog, The Morning Dew. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. I have received some feedback that the link font is difficult to read on some devices, and I am working on improving that.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy during these difficult times. I hope to see many of you at events in late 2021 and 2022. Happy new year!


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