Friday, September 4, 2020

An update on my book - Learn WinUI 3.0

 Summer is winding down, and I realized it's been months since I have posted anything on my WPF, UWP, and WinUI Tips blogs. I have been hard at work writing my first book, Learn WinUI 3.0 from Packt Publishing, this year. The project started in January, and I am about to start writing the first draft of the fourteenth (and final) chapter. I haven't been given the exact publication date, but it should be available about the same time that Microsoft releases Preview 3 of WinUI 3 in November, maybe a little earlier.

The November release of WinUI 3 was originally going to be Preview 4. While preview 3 isn't going to have the "go-live" moniker that Preview 4 was targeting, it is still expected to be the final preview before WinUI is released in 2021. When in 2021? Well, Microsoft isn't saying yet. However, there are two big events in the first half of 2021, another Ignite conference in early 2021 (March?) and Microsoft Build later in the first half of 2021 (June?). With November's preview likely being the final preview, I would guess that it will RTM at the Ignite event in early 2021.

While the book will be published with Preview 2 bits as the basis for the code and instruction, I will keep the book's GitHub repo updated to work with the final bits when they are available next year. We're making sure that this book will be a great reference for anyone getting started with WinUI 3. To that end, I want to give some early thanks to Nick Randolph for lending his expert Windows developer eye to the book as the technical reviewer. His feedback on the chapters and source code has been instrumental in delivering a great book for Windows developers building new WinUI apps or migrating existing Windows apps.

Want to stay in the loop with information about the book? I created a site where developers can get information about the book and sign up for a newsletter to receive updates about its release. Go check it out and let me know what additional information you would like to see there.

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